The pitfalls of being polite

Essays on feminism and popular culture

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Vrijedi za područje Republike Hrvatske.

  • Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 328

  • Date of Publication: February 2020.

  • ISBN: 978-953358200-9

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Maša Grdešić is a university professor, literary and cultural the- orist. As such, she is used to talking about literature and popular culture in academic discourse. The Pitfalls of being Polite. Essays on Feminism and Popular Culture essay collection is, as expected, scientifically based, but the voice in it is by no means distant or authoritarian. It is the voice, above all, of a passionate reader and spectator whose writing begins with the question: how to talk about our passions when our passions are texts - texts created by women, dealing with women, and intended for female audiences?

Maša Grdešić’s meticulous writing abounds with examples from both high and popular culture, unreservedly followed by her feel- ings about every issue. The anger when facing sexism in her pro- fession, the inspiration she finds in younger feminists, the flame in mind and stomach when reading Elena Ferrante and Sally Rooney. If you’re following popular culture, love (or hate) soap operas, if you buy linen at Ikea, feel or have felt teenage anxiety, these essays are essential literature.

The Pitfalls of being Polite. Essays on Feminism and Popular Culture are an inspired mixture of erudition and warmth, feminist anger and vulnerability. Reading Maša Grdešić, we feel that we are guided through the challenges of capitalist and patriarchal every- day life by a calm and secure hand, which writes something much rarer than it seems - a book that cares about us.

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Tribina Forsiranje feminizma: Rada Borić, Maša Grdešić i Lana Pukanić, moderira Anda Bukvić Pažin
10. 3. 2020., Urania - prostor kreacije, Zagreb