Time of Lies

Tabu I.

Rok isporuke: tri radna dana.

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Vrijedi za područje Republike Hrvatske.

  • Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 228

  • Date of Publication: November 2009.

  • ISBN: 978-953266122-4

  • Type of Binding: hardback

  • Format: 205 mm

  • Weight: 330 g

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Time of Lies, the first part of the trilogy entitled Taboo, is a novel about Viktor Tausk, one of the most interesting personalities of Croatian Literary Modernism. Through the destiny of that forgotten writer, lawyer and psychoanalyst, who was among other things a friend of Sigmund Freud and a lover of Lou Salomé, the femme fatale of Viennese fin de siècle, Sibila Petlevski will spin an exciting trilogy interlacing the present time and the beginning of the twentieth century, the First World War, spy secrets, sexuality and feminism issues, all the questions raised by Viennese Modernism which remain to be crucial for the understanding of the contemporary man. 
In an intriguing way, through the character of the authoress and her friend Tvrtko, who are interested in Tausk, Time of Lies introduces us into the trilogy and the dramatic twentieth century. In the first part of Taboo, Sibila Petlevski sets the coordinates, but she also brings to life all the dramatic quality and the unique gallery of both real and invented characters who strongly mark the tragedy of the intellectual Viktor Tausk. The trilogy Taboo is dedicated to the brave, to those who do not accept to live in the time of lies; to the people who are not afraid of freedom.

T-portal Prize for the best novel of the year 2009

Rights sold to:
Macedonia, Blesok, 2010