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Vrijedi za područje Republike Hrvatske.

  • Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 216

  • Date of Publication: August 2023.

  • ISBN: 978-953358604-5

  • Type of Binding: hardback

  • Weight: 360 g

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Young archaeologist Angelina Pavković from Osijek is at a turning point in her life: she loves her job, but everything else has become a rut. She is aware that it can't go on like this. She desires to enrol in a doctorate programme, but she cannot find a common language with her partner, promising physicist Jakov.

When she discovers a place where witches were burned in Osijek, her life turns upside down. She becomes interested in the case of her namesake, Anica Pavković, the last witch burned in Osijek in 1738. Suddenly, everything becomes clearer, her dreams and what is happening around her. She begins to wonder if she is her reincarnation, who is Jakov, and who are her friends, high school teacher Jasna, with whom she has been friends since childhood, fellow archaeologist Igor and others around her...

In Rogus, Ivana Šojat fascinatingly combines two worlds, two cities of Osijek, contemporary and baroque, and tells the story of women who are still fighting for their positions in men’s world, just as they did almost three hundred years ago. The heroines of Rogus are tangible through their fears, as well as their strength to endure the cruelest tortures and defeat death as the last "witch", and to fight for themselves, their dreams, love and passion like Angelina.