Tender Creatures

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Vrijedi za područje Republike Hrvatske.

  • Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 272

  • Date of Publication: February 2020.

  • ISBN: 978-953358196-5

  • Original Title: Nježna stvorenja

  • Type of Binding: hardback

  • Format: 204 mm

  • Weight: 360 g

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Which scenes are so shocking that make us stop, take a deep breath and admire life as such? Do such moments even exist in a fast-paced and overwrought world? Is love possible in such a world or it all comes down to gymnastics? Can men understand women in such a world and vice versa? These are only some of the hypotheses Neven Vulić’s new novel leans on.

Through the lives of four men – a father, a grandfather, a lodger and the daughter’s boyfriend, Neven Vulić painstakingly weaves a story reflecting today’s world. Four protagonists meet occasionally, but their lives are interwoven. They have no strength to admit to themselves or their partners that they have become unemotional, or that they seek these emotions in a wrong place. They are trying to establish communication, but fail to do so. Their partners, occasional or steady, suffer from the same barrier and equally alienated lives.

Tender Creatures is a novel ruthlessly and uncompromisingly speaking about relationships, about the existence or inexistence of love, about the impossibility to even speak about love, about the desire to be like screen characters, about self-destruction and nihilism pervading our surroundings. Neven Vulić has written a novel which probes deep into the pores of the contemporary man, a man who has overstepped the line of humanity and now deludes himself between the real and the virtual.


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