• Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 992

  • Date of Publication: November 2018.

  • ISBN: 978-953266987-9

  • Type of Binding: hardback

  • Format: 234 mm

  • Weight: 1 400 g

It was nearly impossible to escape from the notorious labor-and-death camp, Jasenovac, established by the Independent State of Croatia and active from 1941 until 1945. More than 80,000 Jews, Serbs, Roma, dissident Croats and others – unacceptable to the genocidal Ustaše quisling regime, on ethnic and/or political grounds – were tortured, starved, worked to death and/or brutally murdered. What Auschwitz, Dachau and Sachsenhausen meant for Germany, Jasenovac was for Croatia. This horrific genocide was undertaken with the aim of an ethnically pure Croatian state, modelled on Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. It was one of the largest death camps outside the German Reich, Poland or the occupied USSR, and was run by non-Germans. 

After twenty years of scholarly labour, resulting in nearly a thousand pages, Jasenovac is the first book-length fully-comprehensive monograph devoted specifically and entirely to one of the most horrific mass-murder sites of the Second World War. The book draws on the wide abundance of archival material, and includes extensive photographic documentation as well as new maps specifically designed for this edition. With utmost coherence, it combines a diverse range of first-hand testimonies with already-existing and numerous newly-discovered archival documents. Ivo Goldstein has written the definitive history of the genocide at Jasenovac, never losing sight of the victims, whilst researching the matter thoroughly and exposing it with scrupulous responsibility.

Equally, for Ivo Goldstein, historical objectivity is not an obstacle to moral and ethical positions, especially when dealing with the great Nazi and fascist Evil that mankind was subjected to during the Second World War. Written with profound empathy, Goldstein’s Jasenovac surpasses the simple phenomenology of inconceivable suffering – and so serves as a rare example of the harmony that can exist between scholarly and moral imperatives.  

“Ivo Goldstein stays firmly anchored in the humanistic tradition of Croatian historiography, proving that the genocide at Jasenovac isn't inexplicable or supernatural, but was the result of the conscious decisions of ordinary people placed in a racist and openly-criminal political system. Although at the Jasenovac camp the prisoners and their murderers occupied diametrically-opposed roles, this book doesn't dehumanize either side, despite the systematic Ustaše attempt to do precisely that to their victims.” - Dr. Goran Hutinec, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Zagreb

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Predstavljanje knjige Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina
21. 11. 2018., Novinarski dom, Zagreb 

  1. Dubrovačko predstavljanje Dubrovačko predstavljanje "Jasenovca" Ive Goldsteina U organizaciji Udruge antifašista Dubrovnik, u srijedu 26. lipnja 2019. u 11 sati u dvorani Udruge antifašista Dubrovnik (Splitski put 10) bit će predstavljenja knjiga Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina. Razgovor s autorom vodit će dr. sc. Nikola Tolja.
  2. Ivo Goldstein na History Festu Ivo Goldstein na History Festu Na bosanskohercegovačkom History Festu, koji će se održava od 28. svibnja do 2. lipnja 2019., bit će predstavljena knjiga Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina. U petak 31. svibnja 2019. u 17 sati u Banja Luci, u sali Hotela Bosna (Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 97) razgovor s autorom vodit će Seid Serdarević.
  3. “Jasenovac” - okrugli stol na 13. Festivalu tolerancije “Jasenovac” - okrugli stol na 13. Festivalu tolerancije U okviru 13. Festivala tolerancije u Zagrebu, u četvrtak 11. travnja 2019. u 20 sati, održat će se okrugli stol o knjizi  Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina. Na okruglom stolu u Polukružnoj dvorani Teatra &TD (Savska 25) sudjelovat će Ivo Goldstein, Goran Hutinec, Nataša Mataušić i Lordan Zafranović, a razgovor će moderirati Seid Serdarević.
  4. Ivo Goldstein u Ljubljani Ivo Goldstein u Ljubljani U utorak 26. ožujka 2019. u 19.20 u Mini teatru u Ljubljani (Križevniška 1) Ivo Goldstein predstavit će svoju knjigu Jasenovac u okviru 5. Festivala Hiša strpnosti / 5th House of Tolerance Festival. Razgovor s Ivom Goldsteinom vodit će Seid Serdarević.
  5. Predstavljanje knjige Ive Goldsteina u Mariboru Predstavljanje knjige Ive Goldsteina u Mariboru Povodom Međunarodnog dana sjećanja na žrtve Holokausta Mariborska knjižnica ugostit će  Ivu Goldsteina i predstaviti njegovu knjigu  Jasenovac. U petak 25. siječnja 2019. u 18 sati  u Salonu uporabnih umetnosti u Mariboru (Glavni trg 1) razgovor s Ivom Goldsteinom vodit će Franci Pivec.
  6. Predstavljanje knjige Ive Goldsteina u Rijeci Predstavljanje knjige Ive Goldsteina u Rijeci U povodu Međunarodnog dana sjećanje na žrtve Holokausta u utorak 22. siječnja 2019. u 18 sati Ivo Goldstein predstavit će knjigu Jasenovac  u Gradskoj vijećnici Grada Rijeke (Korzo 16). Uz Ivu Goldsteina o knjizi će govoriti Vuk Perišić i Seid Serdarević.
  7. Tribina Tribina "Historija u društvu" na zagrebačkom FF-u U četvrtak 13. prosinca 2018. u 10 sati u Vijećnici Filozofskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Ivana Lučića 3) održat će se tribina “Historija u društvu” Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina – što poslije?. Na tribini će sudjelovati Ivo Goldstein, Goran Hutinec, Tvrtko Jakovina, Nataša Mataušić, Đorđe Mihovilović, Ivo Pejaković, Federico Tenca Montini i Milan Radanović.  
  8. Predstavljanje knjige “Jasenovac” Ive Goldsteina Predstavljanje knjige “Jasenovac” Ive Goldsteina U srijedu 21. studenog 2018. u 19 sati u Novinarskom domu u Zagrebu (Perkovčeva 2) predstavit ćemo knjigu  Jasenovac Ive Goldsteina. Uz autora o knjizi će govoriti Vuk Perišić, Goran Hutinec i Seid Serdarević.