Close to Everything

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Vrijedi za područje Republike Hrvatske.

  • Original language: Croatian

  • Pages: 208

  • Date of Publication: January 2020.

  • ISBN: 978-953358191-0

  • Type of Binding: hardback

  • Format: 204 mm

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A train ride, a bus ride, going to town, work, for coffee, to see a doctor… A myriad of recognisable, everyday ‘details’ give birth to Close to Everything, a book whose moments we experienced ourselves – perhaps even yesterday or an hour ago. As though through a camera lens which will never be invented, Ante Zlatko Stolica reveals the magic of the moment, the wondrousness of the ordinary, the haphazard humour of daily life.

Close to Everything is an expression often seen in real estate advertisements. This favourable quality suggests to a possible tenant that everything they need for a potential future peaceful and pleasant life is right here, a stone’s throw away. A kindergarten, a school, a greenmarket, a hospital… Ante Zlatko Stolica sometimes uses it literally, not only because the rental flats he lives in are often far away from everything, but also because the road from Sućidar in Split, where he grew up, to Zagreb, where he moved, is both long and short.

However, the ‘proximity of everything’ is not only physical space, but also what is inside us, what is difficult to express, what could perhaps only be grasped by way of books, music, films. If they help us, we call them ‘good’. Close to Everything is undoubtedly one such book – a book that makes you feel more human. It is hard to imagine an achievement more important.


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Tribina Razotkrivanje s Antom Zlatkom Stolicom
24. 2. 2020., Kinoteka, Zagreb