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Sibila Petlevski

Sibila Petlevski (May 11, 1964), poet, novelist, playwright, theatre scholar and literary critic, was born in Zagreb. She is a correspondent member of L'Académie Mallarmé. She teaches at the Academy of Dramatic Art of Zagreb University. Petlevski writes in Croatian and in English. Some of her English sonnets appeared in Douglas Messerli’s anthology of world authors, 50: A Celebration Of Sun & Moon Classics (Sun & Moon Press, Los Angeles, 1995). She’s written a number of essays and critical papers, as well as two books on European theatre and theory of drama. Petlevski received the Croatian award for theoretical dramaturgy in the year 2001. Her poetry and prose have been translated into a dozen languages. Author of the books of poetry Sto aleksandrijskih epigrama (A Hundred Alexandrian Epigrams, 1993) - Vladimir Nazor Award for Literature in 1993, Spavači teškog sna (Heavy Sleepers, 2002) and Spojena lica (Connected Faces, 2006), and the novels Noćni trening (Night Training, 2006), My Antonio Diavolo (Moj Antonio Diavolo, 2007), Vrijeme laži (Time of Lies, 2009) and Bilo nam je tako lijepo! (We Had Such a Nice Time!, 2011), Stanje sumraka (Twilight State, 2013). She has given readings and public recitals at several international literary events. In 1993 she was awarded the “Vladimir Nazor” prize of Arts and Literature for her poetry collection A hundred Alexandrian epigrams.