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Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan (September 7, 1955 – January 20, 2021) was a leading actress of theatre, film and TV in the former Yugoslavia. Mira Furlan has starred or co-starred in over 25 films, most notably in Emir Kusturica’s Palme d’Ore winning and Oscar-nominated film When Father Was Away On Business (2000). She has appeared regularly on Yugoslav Television, playing leading roles in numerous series and TV-films. She has received all the highest awards in her former country, both for her stage and film work, including two Golden Arenas (Yugoslavia’s equivalent to an Oscar) for Best Actress. Mira Furlan emigrated to the U.S. with her husband in November 1991, due to the intolerable political circumstances in her homeland. She continued to successfully build up her career as an actress in the U.S. She is best known for her parts in Warner Brothers television series Babylon 5 and ABC’s Lost. She taught Dramatic Literature at The New York Film Academy in New York. Mira Furlan is the author of the play Until Death Do Us Part (Dok nas smrt ne razdvoji) and the autobiography Love Me More than Anything in the World (Voli me više od svega na svijetu).