Ludwig Bauer

Ludwig Bauer was born in Zagreb in 1941. He graduated from the Department of Slavic Studies at The University of Zagreb. During his long and varied career he was a public opinion analyst and propagandist, a professional driver, a screenwriter (for episodes of the animated TV cartoon Professor Baltasar), a researcher in the area of intercultural issues, a columnist, a professor and a teacher in Zagreb, London and Washington, and editor-in-chief of a publishing house (Globus, Zagreb) and a literary magazine (Naša knjiga, Zagreb). He has prepared and edited various books (including anthologies and selections of school readings), and written introductions, critics, reviews and reflections.

He published his first prose as a high school student for Radio Zagreb in the late fifties, and was awarded the respectable Politika's Prize for his first printed story in 1973. He has published many successful stories for children but is especially respected as a novelist: Trag u travi (Stripe in Grass, 1984), Trik (The Trick, 1985), Dokaz da je Zemlja okrugla (Proof of the Earth Being Round, 1987), Kratka kronika porodice Weber (Short Chronicle of the Weber Family, 1990), Biserje za Karolinu(Pearls for Caroline, 1997), Partitura za čarobnu frulu (Partiture for Magic Flute, 1999), Prevođenje lirske poezije - Romanetto Buffo (Translating Lyric Poetry - Romanetto Buffo, 2002), Don Juanova velika ljubav i mali balkanski rat (Don Juan’s Great Love and Small Balkan War, 2003), Zapisi i vremena Nikice Slavića (The Records and Times of Nikica Slavić, 2007), Patnje Antonije Brabec (The Plight of Antonija Brabec, 2008), Zavičaj, zaborav (Homeland, Oblivion, 2010), Karusel (Carousel, 2011), Toranj kiselih jabuka (A Tower of Sour Apples, 2013) and Seroquel ili čudnovati gospodin Kubitschek (Seroquel or the Curious Mr Kubitschek, 2015).

Awards: for the novel Homeland, Oblivion (Zavičaj, zaborav, 2010) - Award Meša Selimović 2011, Kiklop Prize for the novel of the year 2011, Fran Galović Prize for the best novel 2011.