Jasminka Domaš

Jasminka Domaš lives and works in Zagreb. She is a journalist on Croatian Radio and Televison, a member of the Croatian Writers’ Society and of Croatian PEN. She is an honorary member of the Croatian Helsinki Commitee for Human Rights and was the president of the Association for Religion Freedom in the Republic of Croatia for many years. From 1995 to 1998 she recorded 253 documentary testimonies for the American Visual History Foundation the Witnesses of Holocaust, whose president and co-founder is Steven Spielberg. She has a master’s degree in theological science and has written several television screenplays. She teaches judaism at faculties in Zagreb. She contributed with more than four hundred articles from the field of judaism in printed and electronic media. She published the following books: Family-Mishpaha, The Weekly Miniatures of Freedom, Shabbat Shalom, Byblical Tales - contribution to understanding byblical meanings, Rebecca in the Depth of her Soul, Jewish Meditation, A Research of the Mystical Paths of Judaism, The Book of Love or How I met Ana Frank, Kabbalistic Messages and 72 Names. Some of her books have been translated into Italian, German, English and Slovene.