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Igor Štiks

Igor Štiks was born in 1977 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His fiction, literary criticism, and essays have appeared widely in journals and reviews in the former Yugoslavia and in numerous translations. He was co-editor of Anthologies of New Croatian Fiction (1999) and International Short Fiction in English (2001). His novel Dvorac u Romagni (A Castle in Romagna, 2000) received the "Slavić” prize for Best First Book in 2001. The American edition of this novel was nominated for the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (2006). His second novel Elijahova stolica (Elijah’s Chair, 2006) received the "Gjalski” Award for Best Fiction Book of the Year in Croatia and Kiklop Prize for the best literary work of the year 2006, and was translated into a dozen languages. Other works of short fiction and essays have appeared in English, French, German, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Macedonian, and Slovene editions. He made his Pg. D. in political philosophy at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and at Northwestern University, and currently lives and works in Edinburgh.