Đurđa Knežević

Ðurđa Knežević was born in Jastrebarsko in 1952. She finished the secondary school in Zagreb and got her degree in history and archeology. She taught history in a secondary school for several years. From 1987 to 1990 she worked at the National Revolution Museum in Zagreb, first as a curator, and then as its director. In 1992, she founded Women’s Infoteka, within which she edited the feminist magazine “Bread and Roses” and published some forty books of Croatian and foreign authors. From 1996 to 2007 she was the director of the annual international seminar “Women and Politics” in Dubrovnik. Her articles, essays, comments, feminist and political texts are published both in Croatia and abroad.
She writes a column for the news portal Zamirzine. She has published foour novels: O mojoj mami, Rusima, vatrogascima i ostalima (About My Mum, Russians, Firemen and Others, 2003), Gutanje vjetra (Swallowing the Wind, 2005), Meki trbuh jednoroga (The Soft Belly of a Unicorn, 2010), Sladoled od vanilije (Vanilla Ice Cream, 2012) and Disanje nemani (Breath of the Beast, 2015); she has also published a picture-book for children, Mara i tata (Mara and her Dad, 2006). Since 2008 she has been working as a freelance publicist. That freedom has made it possible for her to move from Zagreb to Nerežišća on the island of Brač.