Delimir Rešicki

Delimir Rešicki was born in Osijek on March 16, 1960. He got a degree in Croatian Studies at then College of Education, now the Faculty of Liberal Arts in Osijek. He started to publish poetry, prose, literary reviews, media publicist writings ad essays at the beginning of 1980-ies in all relevant Croatian magazines and papers. His works have been translated in many languages - German, English, Italian, French, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Slovene, and published in magazins such as Manuskripte and Akzente. He lives in Osijek. He has published the books of prose, reviews and essays: Silence (Textual Pursuit), Sagrada familia (short stories), Essays about Sorrow (essays, articles), Relatives (essays, reviews), Happy Streets & Sagrada familia, Almshouse for Ghosts (short story) and collected poems: Gnomes, Happy Streets, Die die my darling, The Book of Angels, Ezekiel’s Chariot, Arrhythmia. He is the winner of numerous awards: Seven Secretaries of SKOJ, Spiritual Oaktrees, Julije Benešić Award, Kiklop, 2005.; Annual “Vladimir Nazor” Award for the year 2006, Hubert Burda Preis in 2008 and "Sv. Kvirin" Award 2015 for contributions to Croatian poetry.