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About Fraktura Publishing House

Fraktura publishing house was founded in 2002. Our mission is to foster human’s essential need for storytelling. With over eighteen years of experience, we aspire to use our platform as an established Croatian publisher to encourage all generations to read by offering them the best of high-quality literature, both fiction and non-fiction, translated and regional. We publish established authors and contemporary classics, Croatian and regional emerging and experienced authors that are becoming important participants of the international literary scene. Our stories are mostly yet untold or silenced, stories worth telling, and we believe in each one of them.

With uncompromising quality as a main guiding principle, we publish around one hundred titles yearly. In the creative process of bookmaking, from the very first day, we have put a lot of thought, effort and love in every step of the way – writing, translating, editing, proofreading, layout, design, printing, distribution and promotion. Our experience tells us that our customers appreciate quality recommendations the most. Because we care about the life of every single book, we give a lot of attention to creating the best channel for the reader. We have received over 50 literary honours, including awards for the best publisher in Croatia in 2014, the best publisher in the region in 2014 and the London Book Fair International Excellence Award in 2015, making Fraktura one of the most awarded national publishing houses. In 2013 Fraktura founded The Festival of World Literature in Zagreb, which has turned into one of the most significant yearly manifestations of this kind in the region. In 2020, The Festival of World Literature in Zagreb was shortlisted for the International Book Awards 2020 of the London Book Fair.

We are also proud to represent Croatian authors in foreign markets. By now the works by Miljenko Jergović, Slavenka Drakulić, Igor Štiks, Magdalena Blažević, and many others have been translated into a dozen languages including Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch, French..., and published in numerous editions.


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