About Us

About Fraktura Publishing House

Publishing house Fraktura has been established in April 2002 with an aim to publish quality literary fiction, both Croatian and international. In our programme we tend to select works of European authors who are already well known in their countries and even throughout the world but have not yet been translated in Croatian. We also tend to present an author by publishing more of his works – novels, short stories and essays.

Besides literary fiction our publishing programme comprises fine art books and non-fiction books concerning wide domain of culture, literature and art. Since 2004 our books, authors and translators have won more than 40 prizes and awards, both national and international.

For our Croatian authors we hold rights for translation and we represent them on foreign markets. By now the works by Mirko KovačIgor ŠtiksDaša DrndićSlađana BukovacSibila Petlevski have been translated into a dozen languages including Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch..., and published in more than 40 editions.