Život bez imena
Life Without a name
Život bez imena

Vladimir Stojsavljević’s Life Without a Name is one of those novels bound to cause a commotion in the public life. This novel written in an uncompromising manner speaks about the life of Mary Magdalene, about Jesus, Međugorje, Sarajevo…
In an entirely original manner, the novel Life Without a Name narrates about the eternal topics of truth and lies, love and hate, good and evil. By means of parallel stories, Vladimir Stojsavljević creates an image of human past and present, and his writing out a magnificent love novel is enabled by the characters such as Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Mary, Pontius Pilate, Marija and Varja who had visions of the Virgin Mary in Međugorje, their parents, members of the Yugoslav State Security Service, as well as the citizens of Sarajevo, from Zuhra, a psychologist, to Estera, an old historian.
Life Without a Name narrates about women during difficult times when, going through the wringer of politics, religion, and love, they always choose an emotion, the emotion they are willing to make every sacrifice for.

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