Zapisi i vremena Nikice Slavića
Records and Times of Nikica Slavić
Zapisi i vremena Nikice Slavića

The life of Nikica Slavić, who lived by following his moral principles, is a biography of a saint of our time. Records and times of Nikica Slavić are a hymn to the goodness and faith in man. Since the scout days in Knin before World War II., through the partisan years and post-war Zagreb to the golgota on Goli otok and life afterwards, Records and times of Nikica Slavić give a fresco of twentieth century and illusions which it brought. Ludwig Bauer's newest novel is a piece completely based on the real life, facts and notes of Nikica Slavića. This novel, seductive, aproachable and multilayered at the same time, is an excellent example of the real life records and their creative context united in harmonius unit with permanent value.

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