Vrijeme koje se udaljava
Fading Time
Vrijeme koje se udaljava

Mirko Kovač, the last great writer of the great, sunken, vanished Yugoslavia, has given us his last pages in gift, a literary testament of sort. In his unique, enchanting way, he opens a window to the times long gone. Reading the manuscript, I was overwhelmed by the same excitement with which I read his first book Gubilište (The Scaffold) and every book since. In no part of his entire work has he lowered the bar, and this bar stands high in our nook of Europe.

Thanks to Mirko Kovač that time has not faded away in the mist and gloom of the past, but has become close to us, a recurring time. His charisma and immense, genuine talent live on in literature, as do his fascinating characters, to please and comfort so many friends and readers he has left behind.

Filip David

Kiklop Prize for the best literary work of the year 2014

Serbia, Laguna, 2015