Uvod u drugi život
The Introduction to Other Life
Uvod u drugi život

Childhood memories, reminiscing parents, encounters with various famous, public persons, some of whom are mentioned by their name, running into friends, as well as anonymous passers-by; dreams and phantasmagoric images, conversations in taverns and rented rooms, hotels and motels, at voyages and times of repose; quotes from literature and correspondences with friends; extensive thoughts from the moments of anxiety; notes from everyday life and sketches for stories; tales of other people’s lives, bared completely; most personal and intimate moments revealed without shame; shifts of time planes; stories of morbidity and love, scandals and travels… all in all, Kovač “draws from everything,” more than anything from his own life. But this diversity of discursive planes - ranging from stories to essays, from philosophy to poetry, from factographic diary notes to completely fictional autobiography - does not seem as a forced blend. On the contrary. From all this we could easily conclude that, if we didn’t know that similar avant-garde techniques had already been enacted, for example in a prototype such as Rilke’s The Notebooks of Malte Lauridis Brigg, Kovač invents his own type of a novel. Strong individuality which in every discursive type imposes “a unique tone of poetic narration” releases enough energy to draw all these, seemingly dispersed, elements to a single core.

The Introduction to Other Life is worthy of this comparison with Rilke's work, especially as it represents one of the most original and most memorable novelistic creations produced in the past few years.

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