Trenuci katarze: prijelomni događaji XX. stoljeća
Moments of Catharsis: Milestones of the 20th Century
Trenuci katarze: prijelomni događaji XX. stoljeća

The twentieth century, in which the unprecedented technological progress and the greatest world conflicts entwine, is no doubt the most dramatic and the most gory period in world history. It is also the best docummented century. Countless books and studies have been written about the two world wars, about innumerable conflicts, from the Balkan Wars at the beginning of the century, to the wars on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia at its end. The twentieth century has been marked by many people and events. Moments of Catharsis: Milestones of the 20th Century written by Tvrtko Jakovina, one of the most active historians of young generation, gives a short review of the last century’s political history. From the First World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Jakovina singles out the events and the persons which have marked and shaped political history of what is often called the short century.

In Moments of Catharsis, Tvrtko Jakovina describes graphically and lively the key moments of world events, and the role of Croatia and Yugoslavia in those events. As always, he goes beyond the known, and arranges the multitude of data into a new, different picture, full of nuances, writing an irreplaceable handbook of the twentieth century history.

Kiklop Prize for the best non fiction and popular science book the year 2013

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