Toranj kiselih jabuka
The Sour Apple Tower
Toranj kiselih jabuka

The Sour Apple Tower differs from all other Bauer's novels inasmuch as the narrator's "I" is autobiographical. In his earlier pieces, Bauer used the "I" form on a regular basis but he mixed facts and fiction. Here in the Tower we meet a powerful narrator who tells an impressive story about life in the second half of the 20th century through the fortunes of his family and his own.

The protagonist grows and matures in turbulent times, the times of constant change, from a curious, playful boy to a brazen young man and intelligent student, to a man in pursuit of happiness abroad, and finally to a serious man and a husband. His life voyage takes us to Vukovar, Sisak, Makarska, Zagreb, Paris, Bratislava, and Prague.

The Sour Apple Tower is a masterpiece in miniature which Ludwig Bauer sheds light on his earlier, awarded novels Short Chronicle of the Weber Family, Homeland, Oblivion and Carousel.

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