Svježe obojeno
Freshly painted
Svježe obojeno

Watching a TV show about mass grave excavation, Klara already knows that there are two children skeletons inside, while her mother knows the time has come to tell her daughter all about their flight from Bosnia. Klara and her mother came to Sweden as refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Twenty years later, Klara is still obsessed with the dolls in shop windows, while only vaguely remembering her own childhood. After her mom died, Klara writes a text based on her mother’s
stories about the rescue from the war, which she titles The Flight into Egypt.
Freshly Painted establishes a dialogue with the Cormac McCarthy novel The Road. The author Josip Mlakić writes a unique and untold story about the war in Bosnia. The novel puts many issues and all kinds of relationships to the table: parents and children, happiness and suffering, past and present. However, the main topic remains the cruelty of our times. Freshly Painted is a novel that reminds us we cannot move on without knowledge of the past, without imprint of one’s index finger on the freshly painted surface.

Vladimir Nazor Literature Award 2014

Rights sold to:
Bulgaria, Perseus
Macedonia, Makedonika litera, 2015