Sladoled od vanilije
Vanilla Ice Cream
Sladoled od vanilije

Four people are sitting in a subway train late at night. Will they reach out to one another, or will they remain just accidental passers-by? What are their destinies? Who are they? Sladoled od vanilije describes several moments in lives of three women and one man on an uneventful ride, during which some small things, such as discarded candy wrapping, take them back into past, into questioning their own lives, failures, successes, backgrounds... Under the surface, they are all in an intense conversation with their fellow passengers, reflecting both about themselves and the other. Constantly shifting narrative perspectives from one protagonist to another, Đurđa Knežević creates a unique atmosphere through which she speaks about lives and dilemmas of us all. Vanilla Ice Cream is a novel about ordinary people, about their destinies, doubts and fears, about people to whom life has happened and who must move on each for themselves, with their past and uncertain future.

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