Seroquel ili čudnovati gospodin Kubitschek
Seroquel or the Curious Mr Kubitschek
Seroquel ili čudnovati gospodin Kubitschek

What if one morning a stranger who had previously shamelessly urinated on your wonderfully groomed lawn invited you to join him? He is irresistible and persuasive, so you simply cannot refuse. Same goes for his invitation to the magnificent lunch. This is the exact beginning of the new novel by Ludwig Bauer, Seroquel or the Curious Mr Kubitschek – a truly unusual adventure of Mr Kubitschek, the narrator Albert Albert and his cat Mitzi. From mountain areas to German metropoles, those are the scenes of an incredible series of events which make our heroes fight for justice and against oppression, people trafficking and other evils of the modern world.
Full of comical and absurd situations and harmless petty frauds, this novel builds on the tradition of the Czech humour from Schweik to Hrabal and takes it further, in the best way possible. In the form of a modern picaresque novel, Bauer’s heroes spread their ideas wishing to change state of minds. In his speeches and lamentations, and his sometimes futile, but always unusual actions, Mr Kubitschek warns about the problems of modernity, which are in fact eternal. Seroquel or the Curious Mr Kubitschek is one of those novels which put to your face a flickering smile, while Kubitschek, Mitzi the Cat and her owner Albert Albert stay etched in your memory in the manner of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and Rocinante. Knowing Ludwig Bauer, this by no means is a coincidence.

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