Sarajevo, plan grada
Sarajevo, the City Map
Sarajevo, plan grada

Sarajevo is one of the cities that have made their way into the memory of humanity several times: the first time when Gavrilo Princip fired his fatal shot, the second time in 1984, as the host city of the Olympics, and the third time during the siege in the nineties. It is a city with a specific spirit: open and friendly to its citizens and to the guests, but also inscrutable and abundant with secrets. Sarajevo has been the main character of many novels and stories so far, written by Miljenko Jergović and others, but Sarajevo, the City Map has turned the city into a book.
The narrator walks the streets and squares, remembering growing up, the people who were his mates, those he knew only from hearsay, and those who made it to the urban legend and in him doing so, the city is emerging before our eyes. Sarajevo is not made up of mahalas and buildings, well-known and hidden corners, parks and boulevards only: it is also the city pulsating with its people and their destinies. They are the only ones, champions and villains, the known and unknown heroes of their streets, who make its true history and create its myth.
Sarajevo, the City Map is neither a monument nor a scrapbook, not a tourist guide and not a travelogue - it is the city itself, the book which makes room for clockmakers and university professors, the locals and the doctors, for all those who have made history, but without a single line in any history dedicated to them. Sarajevo, the City Map is the book every city would like to have, but the only city that got hold of it has lost its author to another city.

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