San o ljubavi i smrti
A Dream of Love and Death
San o ljubavi i smrti

A Dream of Love and Death, the new novel by Filip David, is a magical book, a diptych comprising a short novel on love, and a short novel on dying.
A Short Novel about Love tells us of the young Jewish intellectual, Jacob, haunted by the image of his ideal woman, his other half that comes to him in his dreams. He embarks on a quest to find this woman, passing through the worlds of the living and the dead, through the landscapes of Eastern Europe, meeting people and demons, at last uniting with her in a mysterious ritual in an afterlife wedding.
A Short Novel about Dying follows the unusual and miraculous fate of the autistic Erik Vajs, born on October 31st 1933, who is later forced into a Nazi institution for the study of paranormal phenomena, and ends up in an asylum after the war, and ultimately, in 1993, on a metaphorical and real ship of fools.
Both of these short novels combine religious, mystic, philosophical and esoteric motifs, combining fantasy and fact in an innovative way. The magical power of David’s sentences, simultaneously simple, erudite and rich in symbolism, explores two of the biggest questions posed by human kind - those on love and death. A Dream of Love and Death is a real literary treat.

Rights sold to:
Hungary, Timp Kiadó, 2010
Macedonia, Blesok, 2010
Serbia, Laguna, 2007

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