Ruže za Nives Koen
Roses for Nives Koen
Ruže za Nives Koen

Roses for Nives Koen is a collection of all of Mirko Kovač’s previously published stories as well as several stories that appear before the audience for the first time. For this edition, the author thoroughly examined all of his stories and completely rewrote some of them. In these stories Kovač’s narrative mastery comes out at its best. He manages to create a microcosm on its own, either in an urban setting, in the company of intellectuals or in the backwater of Herzegovina. Kovač’s heroes are almost always tragic figures stuck in their present and past. They try to escape their destiny even though deep down they know such thing is impossible. From Herzegovinian stone fields to asphalt of great metropolises, Kovač’s prose passages are marked by a carefully developed story structure, fascinating, energetic and rich style and they capture our attention from the smallest detail to the whole of every story. Each of sixteen stories, regardless if these are the ones that won him awards that were later taken back because of his criticism of communist system, like Luka Meštrević's Wounds (Rane Luke Meštrevića), to his latest stories like the one from the title or A Visit from the Lady in Black (Posjet dame u crnom) are always deeply disturbing because they manage to unveil the fake moralistic customs of our small communities and narrow minds directly and without mincing words. Mirko Kovač in these stories just as in his novels and essays demonstrates his classical narrative modernity spiced up with his brilliant style and confirms himself as one of the best writers from this region.

Rights sold to:
Hungary, Napkút Kiadó
Serbia, Samizdat B92, 2010

Previously published:
France, Rivages, 1995 (five Mirko Kovač’s stories)