Princ vatre
Prince of Fire
Princ vatre

Collected and new stories of Filip David, entitled Prince of Fire, reveal one of the best short-story tellers of ex-Yugoslavia, and undoubtedly the best and the most eminent Serbian prose writer of today. Some one hundred stories in this book testify to Filip David’s mastery. Drawing from various influences, from Jewish mysticism, through Isaac Singer, to Borges, the author creates unbelievably real new worlds, stories in which mystic and realistic meet. Prince of Fire is a top-quality literature, which leads us into unknown worlds and enchants us “with the magic of writing and telling” of its author, who is an exceptional figure in intellectual and moral sense, a figure who has infallibly defined himself in relation to his times, a lucid figure who distinguishes good from evil, who refused to be misled or bribed, and who overcame all his demons and trials.

Intelligent, educated, witty and brave – that is Filip David, the author of the book we are holding in our hands and opening with joy, impatient to dive into that wondrous reality.
Mirko Kovač

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