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The Right of Rebellion
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With their book The Right of Rebellion, Srećko Horvat and Igor Štiks react on the current political events forcefully, harshly and polemically. They properly and clearly detect that the student rebellion of the spring 2009 is the key event which could set Croatia off the point of resignation, stagnation and lost trust, not only in politics and politicians, but in the system as such. They place the student rebellion and the right on cost-free education into a wider context of the right of rebellion and civil rising in the whole world from South America to Europe, at the time when the idea of the neo-liberalism and free market which would regulate all by itself is falling into pieces in everybody’s sight. Horvat and Štiks put the particular Croatian situation into a proper context that of the entire struggle for a better world; they speak about the idea of plenum and self-organizing, and they oppose to the advocates of capital which crushes all human values. The Right of Rebellion is a polemical book which takes a clear side, with the aim to show that rebellion is possible, that it is a constituent part of democracy, that the state we are in is impossible to maintain and that it should be changed right away.

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