The Earthquake

An innocent play with a baseball, a tiny earthquake, so common in California, a fall and a hit on a bumper of a car that has just parked start a chain of events in this narrative about two protagonist families. Will the boy Adam Podolsky live? Is Tim's mother Lora to blame for the accident or is it his sister Daryl? These questions just open the can of worms, or should we say, of so many pent up emotions of our protagonists.

Neda Miranda Blažević-Krietzman has a fascinating way to build a great novel around an everyday event, a novel that speaks of individuals and reveals their relationships. The Californian setting is very familiar to the author, and The Earthquake peels the gilding off the American Dream, yet remains committed to the joys and complexities of life. It is optimistic, realistic, sad, humorous, and sincerely joyful. It is a novel about family happiness and tragedy, about marriage, young love, and hopes we all carry deep inside.

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