Planet Friedman
Planet Friedman
Planet Friedman

In the near future, the world will have changed completely; states and governments will have yielded power to corporations, and our planet is now called Friedman. People live in zones corresponding to their social status; A-zone is reserved for the elite, B-zone for the ones who can still hope, and C-zone for the rejected ones. Greed and money make the world go round; they are absolute virtues, while emotions are a useless burden. Parents and children live apart, and no one cares about the imminent environmental disaster.
Physician Gerhard Schmidt is a model member of the elite. He works for a pharmaceutical company, developing doping-drugs and taking care of the athlete star Paula Bolt. Stimulants in sports are common and welcome, and sport shows are as popular as reality shows among the crowd. Paula Bolt grew up in B-zone and brought along books, which no longer exist on the planet. Shakespeare and Yeats will turn Schmidt around, and he will help Paula in her search for the mysterious revolutionary leader.

Planet Friedman by one of the best contemporary writers Josip Mlakić brims with allusions to global corporations and contemporary reality. This anti-utopia speaks vehemently about today’s world, its frivolity, booming advertisements and the real rulers of our planet. In an emotionless world, Mlakić’s protagonists gradually discover seeds of love and bring hope, but is hope enough to change the world?

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