Patnje Antonije Brabec
The Plight of Antonija Brabec
Patnje Antonije Brabec

The Plight of Antonija Brabec is a novel about two intellectuals living in Yugoslavia, profoundly marked by their German origin. Told from the two different perspectives of a man and a woman, it portrays growing up, education, marriage, career, personal ruin, marital failure and the complete breakdown of ones ideals. Following his heroes’ story over a fifty year period, Bauer draws a picture of socialism in Yugoslavia in all its forms. The plight of Antonija Brabec is a novel about the painful struggle of an intellectual, the small man against the system, challenging the status quo, facing defeat against historical events, and the tragic loss of ones identity and ideals.
Told in four parts, from the perspectives of the right and the left side of the brain, and from the male and female point of view, The Plight of Antonija Brabec describes a deep personal drama through the ordinary lives of two people, which combine to create an exemplary tale with universal appeal. The Plight of Antonija Brabec, together with his other novels, proves once again that Ludwig Bauer is without doubt the best contemporary Croatian novelist, who writes about difficult subjects from the recent past in both a modern and accessible manner.

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