Noćni trening
Night Training
Noćni trening

Sibila Petlevski’s novel Night Training is an outstanding, subtly sophisticated prose, full of remarkable amalgams. The narrator of this novel wanders around big European cities encountering along her way a palette of typical and extraordinary, memorable and moving characters in the atmosphere of dark clubs and trendy salons. She is terminally ill, heavily medicated and deeply immersed in the world of literature and jazz. Blending dreams and real life, with a dose of fine humor and social irony, Sibila Petlevski’s novel speaks about contemporary, urban everyday life, about young, lost intellectuals, about the world that is going through changes and that offers no other possibility but to wander.
Night Training is a novel written in first person and it stands on the border of postmodern pseudo-confessional literature, romanticized travelogue, Kunstlerroman, and Hemingway style prose.

As it innovatively combines fictional and non-fictional elements, Night Training could be best described using the definition critics invented for Palahniuk’s book entitled Non-Fiction which said that it offers ironically unrelenting and tragically bloody prose.

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