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Nobody's Sons
Ničiji sinovi

What happens when suspicion and distrust worm their way between spouses, when people start to drift apart? How does he feel about the everyday, seemingly ordinary, but actually egsistential problems, and how does she? While he is seeking comfort in the company of friends and alcohol, thus trying to keep back his war memories and forget the fact that he is just a choir singer, not an artist; while he is finding hundres of excuses, she loses her job, feels guilty because she has had an abortion, and tries to preserve the illusion of idyll in front of their child, but she is deeply unhappy because she hasn’t achieved what she could and should have achieved as a promising girl from a good family.

In Nobody's Sons, Ivana Šojat-Kuči shows how once love-match is falling apart, and how crisis situations, from the death of our loved ones to losing one’s job, destroy love, and she shows it from both the man’s and the woman’s perspective. Nobody's Sons is a novel which cuts right to the heart of interpersonal relations, in an intimate drama of two people who are, pressed by their environment, but also by their own, thwarted desires, drifting apart towards complete lack of understanding.

Rights sold to:
Macedonia, I.P. Zojder, 2014

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