Nestali u stoljeću
Disappeared in the Century
Nestali u stoljeću

Disappeared in the Century u stoljeću is a book which demands reader’s serious attention, because it tells about burdens we are hauling through life precisely and painfully like few other books. Starting with his own personal history, his family and his native region, Lovrenović waves a net which encompasses a whole country and a whole continent, painting a comprehensive picture which reaches into past, describes present and outlines future. And it doesn’t matter at all whether Lovrenović talks about Bosnian Franciscans, Silver Bosnia, recent war, or the war in which his father disappeared, whether he deals with great historical events or destinies of small men, because everything he has written and noted down combines into a magnificent structure in which every part, even the shortest diary note, is perfectly complemented by all other parts, resulting in a great story. Ivan Lovrenović clearly shows that literature is destiny, and that writing can reconstruct the world and worlds, because reality and invention are the same thing when created by a great author. Disappeared in the Century is a true literary gem by a great master of language, who does not write things down, but creates them afresh.

Meša Selimović Award 2014

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