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Heaven on Earth
Nebo na Zemlji

Heaven on Earth, a novel by Jasminka Domaš is a family chronicle of the three generations of women from a Jewish family in Zagreb. The strong, self-confident, wise and cultured grandmother Haja, the level-headed daughter Ada and the young granddaughter Lior, eager for new insights, illustrate the second half of the twentieth century. Their lives are, just like everybody else’s, intensely infl uenced by history, but they are also infl uenced by the terrestrial and extratemporal. In the end, everything happens according to a higher, often incomprehensible but perfectly just order. All three heroines are in their own, particular way, strong and powerful women who face their traumas and their dreams, enjoy their happy moments, bravely bear their burdens from the past and know how to deal with them, whatever they are: the Second World War, the life in Israel, the making of a new life in socialism, the trips to India or the woes of transition. No matter how different they are, they are all fighters, they do not let the banality enter their lives, they are ready to be different from their surroundings and to sacrifice for that.

Family and generational chronicle, Heaven on Earth, is a meditation about the spiritual, religious, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, about being a Jew, but also about hinduism, love, and most of all about each character’s personal finding of strength to fight without yielding for her own path and for the freedom which nobody can put limits to.

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