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The Real Captain's Sea
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The Real Captain's Sea is a short novel about two people living in a retirement home. In order to impress his friend, but also to finally live out his long lost dreams, the main hero pretends to have been a ship captain. He may be a liar, but he is in no way deceitful. Still, his stories of distant seas and exotic ports amaze and seduce the lonely old lady. However, he cannot lie forever. He is forced to tell the truth when a real captain moves into the home. His partner finds herself deeply disappointed in him and in humankind, and returns to the dull routine of everyday elderly life. But soon she realizes that knowing a ship captain, even if only in her thoughts, remains much more exciting and interesting than the life she had before she retired. Even though melancholic and sad at times, depicting people enslaved by their own lies, The Real Captain's Sea swarms with optimism, joy, playfulness and dreams that do, after all, come true.

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