Meki trbuh jednoroga
The Soft Belly of a Unicorn
Meki trbuh jednoroga

In the heart of contemporary Europe, on the edge of a big city, two lovers, two completely opposite characters, are trying to penetrate into the mysterious force connecting them from the initial euphoria of the accidental meeting and the irresistible sexual attraction to the depression of living together and the physical repulsion. Brutal and at the same time gentle, but above all sincere and gripping, The Soft Belly of a Unicorn dissects human sexuality, our imagination, social relationships, prejudices and most of all the power of love and hate. This novel is a powerful love story charged with emotions, which speaks about the disappearance of communication between two people, about the paradoxical loss of confidence, about the lack of honesty, about little and big lies with which every love rapture is interwoven. The fascinating novel by Ðurđa Knežević The Soft Belly of a Unicorn unmasks all the hypocrisy of our society, but more than that it unmasks the secret, hidden faces of every individual.

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