Marilyn Monroe, moja majka
Marilyn Monroe, My Mother
Marilyn Monroe, moja majka

The stories of Neda Miranda Blažević-Krietzman are set from the coast of California to Slavonia, from New York to Zagreb, featuring poorly educated immigrants and top intellectuals, young men and women with iPads, as well as old people with the PTSS. Convincing in characterization of the protagonists, impeccable in language bravuras and word plays, intense in emotions, all thirteen stories included in the book Marilyn Monroe, My Mother bring to life the people whose destinies and life situations are very much real and possible. Besides, they involve famous artists, actors, singers and writers who have a direct or indirect influence on the protagonists. In every story, in every little piece of the world which gets revived through her writing, Neda Miranda Blažević-Krietzman creates unique situations, around which her protagonists find their way with aplomb, and through them she depicts the problems of an individual in the modern world; from the search for identity, real or invented, to love and emotional peaks or failures.
Marilyn Monroe, My Mother is a collection of short stories which not only reflects the world of today or that of the recent past, but also shows how it is not enough to get one’s fifteen minutes of Warholian fame, but is crucial to reach the balance with oneself and one’s desires.

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