One of the most controversial and most translated novels by Mirko Kovač written in 1971 follows Malvina Trifković's biography, composed of her memories, real and fake documents, and letters, and thus paints a picture of the time and society, false morality in a primitive, patriarchal society in which a woman who loves other women cannot fulfill her love and her ambitions. By using postmodernist patterns in the time when postmodernism was still a terra incognita, Mirko Kovač’s Malvina with its theme and style stirred the literary scene of former Yugoslavia. Although 1971, when the novel was written, seems like ancient history, the novel did not lose on its impact or actuality.

Rights sold to:
Serbia, Samizdat B92, 2009

Previously published:
Italy, Anabasi, 1994
Sweden, Arena, 1994
The Netherlands, De Bezige Bij, 1994
France, Rivages, 1992