Levijeva tkaonica svile
Levi’s Silk Mill
Levijeva tkaonica svile

Sitting in a departure lounge of the airport building or a train compartment, driving on the highways or side ways leading up to the mountain peaks, listening carefully and watching closely, Miljenko Jergović registers and puts his thoughts and observations on paper, in a multitude of forms. Be it a poem, short story, diary entry or only a sketch, melancholic or sharp, seemingly rough like tweed or smooth like the finest silk, masterfully as always, Jergović weaves the textual web in the most incredible of patterns.
Levi’s Silk Mill is a wondrously wonderful book in which the real and the magical spaces open up, and people, places and destinies meet on its pages. It is a book that shows with incredible ease where all the stories and poems come from, the book that reminds the readers to keep their eyes and ears open at all times, to be able to feel all the mystery of the world they inhabit.

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