Zagreb in November 1991. The city is blacked out; sirens wail on a daily basis, people expect the latest news with apprehension. Vukovar is about to fall. A Vukovar-born Serb and French citizen is found dead in a villa owned by the Catholic Church in a fancy part of the town. Short of staff, the chief inspector assigns a young, daring detective inspector Mirna Burt, former literature student, to investigate the case. She has just returned from the front, leaving her physician husband to treat the wounded in the Vukovar hospital. A parallel investigation on a missing four-year-old girl is going on, which has implied our young DI as one of the suspects due to the letters she has written.

The novel brings one turn of the event after another in an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, of relations gone sour, and of heroism. Neven Orhel, the author of one of the top selling Croatian novels Cancer Ward Alert, comes back with an exceptional crime story with characters you will not forget. DI Mirna in particular.

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Turkey, Labirent Basın Yayın Dağıtım Pazarlama