Elita gora od rulje
The Elite Worse Than the Crowd
Elita gora od rulje

Through some fifteen essays, in his new work The Elite Worse Than the Crowd, Mirko Kovač, one of the best known and top contemporary European writers, analyses the appearance of writers who have, regardless of their talent, chosen to embrace fascism and nationalism. Starting from Knut Hamsun, through Ezra Pound to the Serbian writer Dobrica Čosić, Kovač mercilessly analyses their political decisions and their infl uence on the ruling governments of their time. The Elite Worse Than the Crowd deals with the analysis of the artist’s greatest and most complex problem the relationship between art and ideology, the bards of national culture and the bearers of political power, writers and the mighty, or in a number of cases with the symbiosis of the two.

In the countries of former Yugoslavia there is hardly a writer capable of undermining national myths and unmasking the cultural laboratories for the production of evil as superiorly Kovač does. Brilliant in style, with unique erudition and polemical lucidity, Kovač discusses the deconstruction of myths.

Kiklop Prize for the best book of essays 2009
Jutarnji list Prize for the best non-fiction book 2009

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