Disanje nemani
Breath of the Beast
Disanje nemani

The promotion of the monograph on the work of the local theatre was the reason a successful lawyer returned to the provincial town where she grew up and which she had left behind a long time ago, never even wanting to remember it. None of her girlhood dreams came true – she had never played football or played in the theatre, prevented and crippled by her parents’ fears and the primitive milieu. The return to the town of her childhood will make all the secrets and everything that
had really marked her and made her who she is to surface. The smooth-spoken priest whom the town people regarded higher than the mayor and who enjoyed the greatest trust of her parents tricked and humiliated her. No one had ever believed her or her friends, who were broken for life. She left, they stayed; she became somebody and achieved something, while they barely survived the war.
Breath of the Beast is a novel about facing the sounds we hear, but pretend not to notice, about beasts we keep in our closets and pretend they do not exist, although they define our lives and existence. Đurđa Knežević has written a book about all of our provinces, about the fears we repress, about childhood which disappears forever in the false Arcadia of the puberty.

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