Božji gnjev
The Wrath of God
Božji gnjev

The Wrath of God by Josip Mlakić is a novel about a war crime and justice which must be served. Nine soldiers of the Croatian forces in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina were killed in a secret operation that no one approved. They each had a significant amount of money with them, and nobody has a clue why they entered so deep into the territory controlled by the Bosnian forces. Ilija, the brother of one of the killed soldiers and a soldier himself, needs to find out why and how the tragic deaths happened. Putting his own life at stake to find new, shattering evidence, Ilija learns the things that were better kept secret, he finds out who is behind the insane action involving secret service and the unknown chiefs from Zagreb, and what are their reasons.
The Wrath of God is a novel interweaving a war drama, crime story, a search for truth and demand for justice. The author has masterfully depicted the atmosphere of war and terror, as well as the need for justice, which can be served only by an individual who, like an Old Testament prophet, needs to face his own sins and the sins of others.

Best Crime Novel of the Balkan Noir 2014 Edition, Jury Award

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