Božanska dječica
God’s Children
Božanska dječica

In many respects, Tatjana Gromača stands out in the Croatian literary scene; she makes no compromises, keeps out of trends, and paints new literary landscapes. Her latest novel God’s Children is no exception. Gromača is decisive, intimately frank, unflattering, absolutely unsparing when it comes to herself and her closest relations. The reader witnesses an unfolding of a psychiatric disease and how the protagonist has to face it in every single aspect, from the outward to the most inward.
In the minutiae of style Tatjana Gromača is a perfectionist, whose sentences unmistakeably hit the bull’s eye. The novel God’s Children commands attentive reading and willingness to face one’s own traumas. It blends cathartic and powerful prose fragments that through one woman’s destiny combine and unfold the darkest personal traumas of an individual scarred by her otherness.
Gromača’s prose is primordial, devoid of ornamentation and unnecessary detailing, bare to the bone, which makes its reading as powerful as that of a Greek tragedy.

“Tatjana Gromača is the most eminent writer of the new Croatian prose, because she is incorruptible, severe, and so bitter. Gromača stands out for her precious bluntness; there is no other author like her, so stripped of all and every cloyingness, and almost obligatory youthful triumphalism. She has nothing to be happy about, living in well-known circumstances and tough general conditions, but she can be proud she knows it. Her latest work is a small master-piece.”
Bora Ćosić

Vladimir Nazor Award 2012
Jutarnji list Award 2012

Rights sold to:
Italy, Oltre
Macedonia, Makedonika litera, 2015
Slovenia, Modrian, 2014
Serbia, Rende, 2014
Bulgaria, SONM