Bilo nam je tako lijepo!
We Had Such A Nice Time!
Bilo nam je tako lijepo!

We Had Such A Nice Time! is the second part of the trilogy entitled Taboo, in which Sibila Petlevski speaks about Viktor Tausk, the emblematic figure of fin de siècle, from a totally different angle and in a totally different way. Written as a biographical novel and a family saga, We Had Such A Nice Time! is a story about a psychoanalyst whose life is actually the psychogram of the twentieth century. Skillfully balancing between facts and fiction and playing with them, writing about Tausk’s life, Sibila Petlevski deals with the themes which Tausk’s time brought up and which remain inevitable to this day – from the question of nation and religion, through sexuality and death, to all kinds of freedom. In the life of Viktor Tausk and his relatives, particularly of his sister Jelka, eroticism and politics, love and death, responsibility towards the other and the undying longing for all kinds of freedom constantly interweave.
We Had Such A Nice Time! is an apologia of the search for happiness and the need to keep searching for it, while Viktor Tausk himself is one of those real, historical persons who were brave enough to set off for that search.

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Macedonia, Blesok, 2012