Autoportret s torbom
Self-portrait with a Bag
Autoportret s torbom

With each new book, Semezdin Mehmedinović creates a new space, eludes the usual judgements and moves away from acquired definitions. His prose contains both the real and the imagined, and the author gives a whole new view not only of autobiographical writing, but also of our experience of literature. Sketches in which he registers everyday life, describes the people he sees or remembers, with people close or unfamiliar to the author, match harmoniously the drawings made on knees, or while driving on a subway, or on iPad. Those incredibly precise and surprisingly beautiful drawings give the book a new dimension. Self-portrait with a Bag is a book which evokes bottled-up emotions and joy of life. More than anything else, this book is Semezedin’s self-portrait, disclosing him heart and soul, sharing with the reader his everyday rituals, his reading, films, and thoughts about his friends.

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Serbia, Booka
Macedonia, I.P. Zojder