• After novels about great artists’ wives Frida Kahlo and Dora Maar, Slavenka Drakulić writes another novel about a woman from the shadows. The novel about Milena Einstein is a novel of sorrow, of how to cope with misfortunes in life, how to live and survive, how to be a woman and not lose a sound mind.
  • Sarajevo, the City Map is neither a monument nor a scrapbook, not a tourist guide and not a travelogue - it is the city itself, the book which makes room for clockmakers and university professors, the locals and the doctors, for all those who have made history, but without a single line in any history dedicated to them. Sarajevo, the City Map is the book every city would like to have.
  • What if one morning a stranger who had previously shamelessly urinated on your wonderfully groomed lawn invited you to join him? This is one of those novels which put to your face a flickering smile, while Kubitschek, Mitzi the Cat and her owner Albert Albert stay etched in your memory in the manner of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and Rocinante.
  • Luka Bekavac emerged as the author who pushes the limits and whose works are awaited eagerly. The Curfew establishes a new set of rules in Croatian literature. The already familiar author’s strategy of atypical use of science fiction and carefully (re)arranged factography acquires a new shade with this text: the lyrical, deceitfully intimate tone of a personal true story.
  • This is a novel about guilt and justice, about victims and the other ones, but most of all about the Roma people and their culture, about those on the margin whom we do not see, but are always in the middle of a tragedy.
  • Masalai is a novel about writing and a writer who is not really a writer. It is a novel that painfully shows the inability of contemporary man imprisoned in a transitional swamp to move away from a collective state of mind.
  • The famous French surrealist photographer and painter Dora Maar died in 1997. Among her numerous papers and documents written in French, a notebook in Croatian was also found in her apartment in Paris. This novel a magnificent portrait of a woman who suffered a breakdown sharing life and ideals with a passionate genius, a novel that will deeply move all readers.
  • Breath of the Beast is a novel about facing the sounds we hear, but pretend not to notice, about beasts we keep in our closets and pretend they do not exist, although they define our lives and existence. Đurđa Knežević has written a book about all of our provinces, about the fears we repress, about childhood which disappears forever in the false Arcadia of the puberty.

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